Thursday, November 5, 2009

F-R-E-E, That Spells Free!

Okay, before I get to my Group Blog post, I just have to say WOW! Yesterday was absolutely amazing. I never could have imagined that my SITS day would be so HUGE. A big, gigantic thanks to all the SITStas who visited and for those that are coming back for more! You all rock!

I will be responding to ALL of the comments/visits/brand new followers as a result of yesterday's overwhelming awesomeness. It's going to take me a few months days to do it, but I'll get there. I promise!

All right. It's Thursday. And that means it's time for Group Blog Thursday, hosted by the RECENTLY AGENTED author Stephanie Faris!

(Seriously, even if you don't participate today, stop by and congratulate her. Cuz that's a BIG deal.)

The topic today is Freebies. And, really, who doesn't love getting something for free? I mean, even celebrities, who make more money for a thirty second commercial than the entire nation of Papua New Guinea will make in a YEAR, love to get free stuff.

In trying to decide what to write today, I thought about all the ways I find freebies. I don't have a credit card, so I'm not racking up the air miles or points toward a new dress so that my husband can look at that instead of going on a fancy vacation.

(Seriously? What husband in the world would just smile adoringly as his dreams of dashing off to Paris have just gone into two yards of blue silk?)

Anyways, so I don't have credit cards. I do enjoy free samples at Costco. That's always fun. I get all the Albertson's rewards for having whatever their reward card thing is called, but I always forget to bring the register coupons back with me.

Nope. My favorite and most productive way to get free stuff is the internet. I'm not talking about giveaways.

(Although I do LOVE those!)

I mean free stuff. Like, products to review. So far, I've gotten two free books from Atria Books. I was thisclose to scoring some free earrings and some kind of magnetic bracelet thing.

Anyway, I like to review stuff not just because it's free, but because it provides a service to you, the consumers out there that are likely to rush out and buy things just based on my "This rocks!" pronouncement.

I've been thinking that I'd really like to continue this service. Here are just a couple of things I would be willing to sacrifice myself to review for you, my dear readers:

The Nook from Barnes and Noble
The Canon EOS Digital Rebel

The BMW X6

Really, it's not about me. I do this all for you!

If you'd like to join in on Group Blog Thursday, head on over to Steph in the City and add your link!



  1. I thought the same thing about that commercial! My husband would freak if I wasted it on a dress! haha. I was so excited for you being the Featured Blogger yesterday :-)

    Your book (that you won on my giveaway) is on its way!!!!

  2. You're so funny! Can I just come back here every fifteen minutes or so for the next few days and reread the words "recently agented author Stephanie Faris?" I've never seen it in print like that and it made my heart do flippy-flops!

    I've never gotten into the giveaway thing although it seems a lot of bloggers do well at it. I've entered several giveaways but I learned long, long ago that I never win anything. Although twice in my life I've won something just minutes after announcing to people, "I never win anything." You know that thing about The Secret? It seems to work in reverse with me. If I say positive things, I jinx myself. SO saying "I never win anything" is my lucky charm!

  3. Oh and my boyfriend said that about the dress too. He spoke for the guy. "You spent all our points on something for YOU?"

  4. I love your review requests. Hey, you never know, it could happen!

  5. I've gotten a couple free books but they were from giveaways. But don't you just love getting free stuff?

  6. I got an email yesterday, asking me to review a sex toy. Awesome.

  7. My favorite thing lately is Swagbucks. I JUST started, and I'm super close to my first free Amazon gift card!

  8. Truly you are selfless. The things you'd review for us!

    I totally cracked up about that silk dress vs. Paris vacation bit, too. I laugh at that commercial EVERY TIME I SEE IT because I think the exact same thing! What are they thinking?? "Oh honey, I could be enjoying a croissant and a view of the Eiffel Tower before cruising on over to the Louvre for the afternoon but really, you just look DIVINE in that dress!" AHAHAHAHAHA.

  9. Love it! This is such a fun blog... I'm so very glad I picked this one to visit over at SITSta!

  10. I LOVE that you linked to that commercial, because I had the exact same thought! Seriously, does anyone relate to that??

  11. I have a Sony Reader which is similar to The Nook. The Nook looks much cooler though. I love mine. It's so easy to throw in a purse and go.

  12. Your selflessness is amazing! The things you would do for us ;o)

    Love your blog!

  13. You are a funny writer and I enjoy your blog. As for free, I can't say that I've really every gotten anything for free. Maybe I need to look harder!
    I could for testing that BMWX6!!

  14. I have a friend who blogs and has TONS of links to free stuff given away... I will have to get her link for ya.. Love your options for new things to review can't say as I blame ya lol..

  15. Oh my goodness, shoot for the stars!

  16. I'm thinking the Red BMW would be a nice review item :-)

    Somehow I lost your blog on my Blogger List. Glad I found you again. I'll be back soon.


  17. I love Costco samples too! Unfortunately, where we live now, the nearest Costco is over 2 hours away.

    Yeah, and if anyone is handing out Canon Rebels, sign me up.

  18. I wouldn't mind doing reviews like that either. Instead I get to review UTI meds and deodorant...yippee.

  19. That is so funny! I've thought about doing that myself and mentioning all the awesome things I want to review. But so far, all I've gotten for free is a bad book to read and review. But, if that works for you...I am so copying that idea!

  20. Pick up your award on my blog, K? Not alot of rules, ok?

  21. I can tell that the items don't really matter to you, you are totally doing it from your heart and to help out the consumers(note the hint of sarcasm :)
    That is just too sweet of you. :)
    Funny thing is, I feel the same way you do. I would make the same sacrifice. If the company calls you and they need a second opinion please come to me since we are only looking out for the best interest of the consumers!

  22. LOVE IT! I would be more than willing to review diapers, and a brand new Chevy Camaro (silver please)

  23. if you get to review a car , I think you should also have a give-away! do you think bmw would go for that? LOL!

  24. if you get to review a car , I think you should also have a give-away! do you think bmw would go for that? LOL!

  25. I'm so glad you would do that for US!!! You are sweet! I am not too good at scoring freebies but I'm pretty good at bargains...actually I'm great at bargains! Fun too!


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