Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Little Bunny Fou Fou

It was brought to my attention--

(by Katherine)

--that there has been a serious shortage of Bruce Wayne here on my blog.

Which is weird. Because, clearly, Bruce Wayne is the cutest bunny on the planet and I am a very doting Bunny Mom.

And it's not like I haven't taken a million pictures of the little guy.

The other day, he was in the backyard. I have an enclosed area where he can run around and have a good old time, while staying safe and secure.

I walked outside to see what he was up to, and this is what I found:

Can you spot the bunny?

If I can't see you, you can't see me...

 No bunny here, ma'am.

Okay, fine. You caught me.

Seriously? If I'd known having a bunny would be so much fun, I would have gotten one years ago.

You are awesome. And if you share this post, you'll be even awesomer!


  1. Still feel guilty when anyone mentions bunnies. Child brought one into the classroom and it became entangled in table and chairs!

  2. I really love that you have a bunny named Bruce Wayne. Now I think I need one too. Named Alfred, perhaps? Just an idea. Throwing it out there.

  3. Your bunny is precious. Tell me about owning a house bunny - I've been considering it.

    1. They are super easy pets. Very easy to litter train because they like having their particular spot to go. They do have a tendency to chew on cords and things, so if you get one and let it roam, try to keep the cords out of reach.

  4. I imagine it's like a small dog.
    Bruce hides well!

  5. He's so cute! I had a bunny when I was little, and loved it. I'm going to relive the cuteness vicariously here.

  6. Ok I read the name Bruce Wayne and I was looking for a batman..............not a

  7. Bruce Wayne is cuter than Michael Keaton any day.

  8. So cute! It looks like he has a great place to play!

  9. SO cute! Wonder how bunnies feel about the cold?!?

    1. I think there are some breeds that do fairly well in the cold. I don't know about mine. He's a Norwegian Dwarf, but he's a little bit prissy when it comes to less than ideal weather.


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