Friday, January 4, 2013

The Top Ten Films of 2012

I know you've all been dying to know, just what were my favorite movies of 2012?

Well, after seeing 27 films in the theater and a heck of a lot of visits to Red Box and Netflix, I have definitely got some favorites. Of course, there are still a few I haven't gotten to see yet, but I feel pretty satisfied.

So, here we go:


The Avengers--One of the highest grossing movies of the year, and for good reason. It's freaking fantastic. I had my doubts about fitting all those egos into one movie, but Joss Whedon made it work better than I ever could have imagined.


Seeking a Friend for the End of the World--This one surprised me in a lot of ways. It's very different and sweet and I loved the dynamic between Steve Carell and Keira Knightley. 


Jack Reacher--It has Tom Cruise in it, so OF COURSE it's gonna make my Top 10. But it also happens to be really, really good. Great action, awesome mystery and suspense. I love when Tom makes movies like this one and I hope to see much, much more of Jack Reacher.


Frankenweenie--Definitely my favorite animated film of the year, and one of the best. I'm a big fan of Tim Burton, and this full-length feature of one of his earliest films is visually stunning, funny, heartwarming, and every other good adjective you can think of to describe a film. 


The Dark Knight Rises--I didn't know what to hope for in the end of this Batman trilogy, but Christopher Nolan certainly exceeded my high expectations. I enjoyed this a lot more the second time when I could actually understand Bane. The cast was perfect, and I will never miss a Christopher Nolan movie. Ever.


The Hobbit--I was semi-obsessed with the Lord of the Rings, so I was going to love this no matter what. Thankfully, Peter Jackson did the book justice and I didn't have to try to enjoy it. It was just beautiful. And who knew a dwarf could be so hot? I'm looking at you, Aidan Turner.


Les Misérables--Hugh Jackman is amazing. The end.


Moonrise Kingdom--I think even those who don't love Wes Anderson can appreciate the sweetness of this simple love story between two 12-year-olds, and all the quirky personalities searching for the pair when they run away together. And the cinematography and score are stunning.


Lincoln--This was all set to be my favorite movie of the year. The drama and suspense and acting and writing and ohmygosh Daniel Day Lewis. Everything about this film is perfect. 


Argo--But then I saw Argo. And there was not a single movie I saw this year that sent me on as much of a roller coaster as this film. From the opening scenes of the storming of the embassy in Tehran right up to the final images as the closing credits roll, there is just something powerful and inspiring about this incredible story. Ben Affleck has proven himself.

Almost made the list: The Hunger Games, Pitch Perfect, Snow White and the Huntsman
Movies I shouldn't have loved but totally did: Rock of Ages, Dark Shadows
Movies that could have been awesome but had a crappy ending: Cabin in the Woods
2012 movies still on the To Watch list: Flight, Zero Dark Thirty, Skyfall, Django Unchained, The Perks of Being a Wallflower

So...what were your favorites of 2012? Where did I go wrong? What do I still need to see? 

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  1. Lincoln and Argo were in my top movies and are definite Oscar contenders. Avengers and Dark Knight Rises also topped my list.

  2. My Lord, I've only seen one of the top 10. I desperately need to step up my movie watchin' skills.

    I did see Hunger Games and Dark Shadows though.

  3. Well, I haven't seen a single one of these movies!

    I'm not much of a movie-goer. And I'm really particular about what my kids watch. My 14 year old has seen a couple of them and given good reviews, but I just don't seem to be able to make time in my life to go to a movie!

    I hope you had a great Christmas and Happy New Year!

  4. I only saw 3 of your top 10 movies (and two of those were in the last week of 2012). I have been wanting to see Moonrise Kingdom for a while. And you have to see Skyfall. It's amazing. It should be on the list.

  5. You know I have seen none of those movies have heard of a few of them but have seen a big old 0 I just don't have time to watch movies.......

  6. I didn't see Life of Pi on your list! Argo was definitely my second favourite, and would have been THE fave, if it wasn't for Life of Pi. See it in 3D and fall in love. It's absolutely beautiful and brilliant.

  7. I whole heartedly agree with 3-2-1. Great movies.

  8. Great list! You actually reminded me that I have to watch Lincoln, I remember seeing the previews and putting it on my to watch list.



  9. I need to see Argo, but loved Lincoln. No Skyfall, huh?

  10. Wow, great movies! Haven't heard of the steve carrell/keira knightly movie but am dying to see argo and moonrise kingdom. Life of pi sounds great, too!

  11. Looking forward to seeing some of these films when they finally arrive in our small medieval market town. Should love to see Lincoln.

  12. I hope to see Lincoln and Argo soon. My favorites were The Dark Knight Rises (duh), Django Unchained, The Hungers Games, The Avengers, and Brave.

  13. Lincoln was a good movie. I don't know why they're having any award shows this year. I'm pretty sure it will take them all, at least Daniel Day-Lewis will.

  14. And I just realized I have not seen very many movies at all this year... clearly not some of the best! I better get on that!

  15. Okay, I'm now dying to see like half of those movies - how did I let 2012 get away from me without seeing Seeking a Friend for the End of the World? Or Argo? Or Frankenweenie? OR LINCOLN?? (I know, right?)

  16. I loved Jack Reacher, have you read any of the books? They are fun reads!

    Also I am glad moonrise kingdom made the list, it made me SMILE.

    ♥ Celia

  17. i saw the lincoln movie recently,only because my son was an extra in it haha---i want to see that movie with barbara s. in it and the one with billy crystal---i know, i am not very deep----thanks for the information :)

  18. Django Unchained and The Perks of Being a Wallflower are both really good! Django is my #1 for the year. Moonrise Kingdom was really good too.

  19. Argo was absolutely my favorite. I'm so happy for Ben and his Golden Globes! I need to see Lincoln and Les Mis so bad!


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