Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Failing Spectacularly

Why hello, February. When did you get here?

January was kind of a weird month. I had all these grand plans of keeping up with the good habits I resumed in December, but then something happened. I don't really know what. But I had absolutely less than zero motivation to do much that even vaguely resembled healthy.

Which kind of shot most of my January goals in the foot before I even got started.

Here's how January went:

• Eat at least 5 fruits and veggies every day. FAIL
Update direct deposit to add funds to savings account SUCCESS
Make a plan to fundraise for a new Habitat for Humanity trip.SUCCESS
Finish reading the Harry Potter books. So close, but FAIL.
Watch that Netflix movie and finally send it back. Nope. FAIL
Run 1 mile without stopping HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...Um...FAIL

Yeah, so...uh...Coulda been better.

I guess it technically could have been worse, too. Because at least I did finish SOMETHING. Which is better than nothing. Even if only slightly.

But that's okay. I'm dusting myself off and starting over in February:

♥ Go to two Group classes at the gym.
♥ Finish seeing the Best Picture nominees. (Django Unchained, Life of Pi, Zero Dark Thirty)
♥ Read 4 books.
♥ Host an awesome Oscar Party.
♥ Coordinate my calendars so that everything is updated on my phone.
♥ Have a girls' night with Mom.
♥ Create a menu plan and stick to it.
♥ Get Bruce Wayne's nails clipped.
♥ No watching the news for a whole week.
♥ For reals. Watch that Netflix movie and send it back.

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  1. What is your Netflix movie that's been hanging around for so long? Haha! I still need to see four best pictures. I'm hoping to do it before the Oscars. I want to come to your party!

  2. Your February goals look more enjoyable anyway.

  3. Your goals look great! I may borrow a few of them!

  4. It's ok girl, you've got it this month! :)

  5. Good for you, not letting it dissuade you from trying for those goals again. You got 2.5 of those done, and that's definitely better than 0. Plus, trying is a great success in itself, especially when you're talking about healthy decisions.

  6. I really want to see the Best PIcture movies but I know I don't have time. And an Oscar party? Great idea!!

  7. I have no goals for the foreseeable future. Taking a needed break (from Dr. appts.) and it's kind of nice. Although, I feel like crap today. I think I need to do something motivating...but what? *sigh*

  8. I wanna come to your Oscar party... any progress is good progress! Good luck this month!

  9. Yeah I know we blinked and January was gone, at least you had a couple of successes and not all fails......

  10. Obviously you will have an awesome Oscar party. You should go ahead and cross that one off.

  11. I still need to watch Amour... And Flight and The Sessions because I want to watch all the best acting nominated movies too! An Oscar party sounds fun!! :)


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~Clairee Belcher, Steel Magnolias

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