Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July Monthly Goals and Link Up

Well hello, July. Where did you come from?

June Gloom was true literally and figuratively for me this month. But that's over and I'm looking forward to July with an open mind and a need for some fun.

How about you?

June Goals
Write my Summer Bucket List.
Hang out with The Nephew.
Finish watching Breaking Bad.
Try one new GF recipe per week.
Submit a post for syndication.
Read 4 books.
Clean my office.
Clean my bedroom.
Wash and vacuum the car twice.

July Goals
♪ Finish four things on my Summer Bucket List
♪ Clean out the linen closet and get rid of old stuff
♪ Wash and vacuum the car
♪ Clean bedroom windows and sills
♪ Start watching The Killing on Netflix
♪ Find 3 new sponsors for The Blog

All right. So I need to get busy this month. Lots to do! But I'm looking forward to it.

What are your plans this month?

Want to play along? Come on. You know you do....Here's how:

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3. Include our button on your post.

4. Add your post to the monthly linky.

5. Visit other participants to cheer them on/commiserate/whatever the case may be.

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  1. Great goals! You can totally do it!

  2. I want to lose a few more pounds before I start work again at the end of the month! And, of course, I am back to blogging again and want to have fun with it. Good to "see" you around! (Kristy previously from Pampers and Pinot)

  3. Monthly goals????????????? I am lucky to have a goal for a A month of them well after the first day I would just forget about

  4. I have a TV show on my list too!!

    I love our summer bucket list. So fun!

  5. If you want to come re-organize my linen closet as well, you totally should! ;)

  6. Need to pull myself together, too. After a dreadful June, July has got to be better...

  7. This season of The Killing is killing it! (I am hilarious.) The first two dragged on, but it's a good series.

  8. Now why didn't I think of making Netflix watching a goal? :) I'm introducing my hubby to Alias, one of my favorite shows from a decade ago. We're already through the first season and we started this week. Maybe I watch a little too much TV...
    Great goals!

  9. Yeah, June was the Incredible Disappearing Month this year. Best of luck on your goals...I look forward to seeing those Bucket List items checked off! :)

  10. Great goals! I feel like I need to add washing windows and sills to my list now, too, lol.. I hardly think about that when cleaning.

    1. It's so easy to forget them. But I live in a house that's almost 60 years old, so they get kind of gross kind of fast.


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~Clairee Belcher, Steel Magnolias

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