Thursday, December 26, 2013

Things that rocked this Christmas...

I know I said I'd be back in the New Year, but it was brought to my attention that my last post actually was a little bit negative, when I just meant it to be reminiscent and nostalgic.

So, to appease the critics, here is a list of things that were awesome this Christmas:

riding on the back of a firetruck to pass out candy to kids around town
our giant American-style pancake breakfast
Secret Santa
everyone falling asleep during Man of Steel
spending an hour figuring out rides to get to Christmas dinner (it was hilarious!)
Christmas dinner at Applebee's when the Chinese restaurant was closed
getting to open a gift from Mom--er, Santa--even thousands of miles from home
Skyping the family
spending a great day with new friends

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  1. There you go! Some of those experiences you will never forget, either.

  2. Merry Christmas! We have to visit so many different places every year. :( I'm ready to run away for the holidays.

  3. What Chinese restaurant is closed on Christmas?! Glad you had a merry day!

  4. Well it is good to hear you had a great Christmas, didn't know any restaurant closed on Christmas

  5. I didn't think your last post was negative. It made me feel the twinge of sadness that comes with being away from family on the holidays. Which is always hard.

  6. I didn't see your Christmas post as negative--it seemed kind of melancholy, as though you were longing for those things. Sounded to me like you were appreciating those things more than complaining you didn't have them this year! But I love this list, too! I can't believe Applebee's was open Christmas Day!

  7. Oh man, I just wrote a really cool comment. Seriously. Oh well, I forget what it was now. Something about skipping back to see your "negative" posts because the negative ones by anyone are always my favourite!!!!!!!

    Glad you had a great Christmas... always wanted to do Chinese after seeing The Christmas Story movie.

  8. That is so funny about Man of Steel, and I am super surprised that the Chinese resturant was closed. We thought it would be fun to go out for ice cream on Christmas Even and the only thing that was open were Chinese food places. LOL

  9. And I always think of A Christmas Story when I see the chinese resturants open on Christmas. FRLALALA FRALALA

  10. So glad you are having a great experience. Happy New Year, my dear and wishing you an abundance of joy and adventure this year!!

  11. See? Doing good and making awesome memories! :)

  12. See? Doing good and making awesome memories! :)


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