Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Training--My New Annual Tradition

I went to Spring Training over the weekend.

For a baseball nut like me, this was a Very Big Deal.

I've never been before, even though my favorite guys spend the spring a mere 6 hours drive to the East.

After this weekend, I'm pretty sure I'm never missing it again.


I also got to try out my brand new, beautiful Nikon D5300. I shall call her Niki.

So, as any good baseball fan blogger with a brand new fancy DSLR, here is my obligatory Spring Training photo dump:

Okay, so it wasn't exactly a photo dump since I collaged the pics with PicMonkey. But aren't the colors just so gorgeous?

I am NEVER missing Spring Training. It was everything I hoped it would be. And so much more.

 photo Sig_zpsf431acab.png

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  1. You got some great shots! Several of my blogger buddies have been to spring training games and enjoyed it.

  2. And you didn't take me with you??

    Those are some great pics! And why do boys always look so good in baseball uniforms?

  3. Nice looking camera, I don't own anything that fancy and if I did I wouldn't know how to use it

  4. I grew up across the street from the Peoria spring training stadium - LOVE spring training!

  5. Great shots, and it's so cute and red!

  6. I'm so jealous of your camera! And beautiful photos (love the bright colors; using my G-D awful phone camera makes me really appreciate a quality pic these days!)

    Hey, look at that! Cute baseball player butts :)

    Oh, I'm sorry--I got distracted momentarily...

  7. Nice shots!

    I love taking pictures while I'm at baseball games.

  8. Great shots! Fancy cameras intimidate me, but you did a great job. My sister used to go to Peoria every year with her best friend's family. I was always so jealous. She got to meet so many players and get autographs like crazy. I need to go one year. Maybe we could meet there?! But, MARINERS!

  9. Ummm... N I C E camera. And her red armor is even more impressive. haha. ;)


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