Wednesday, April 2, 2014

March...Out like a lion. Or something like that.

Oh, March. You were so wonderfully awesome. And so wickedly bad. I'm glad to see you moving right along, but I'll miss you a little.

As for my goals this month...well...let's just say things could have gone a little bit better...But they also could have gone much less better. Or something. Whatever. Anyway, here's my month:

March Goals
Watch House of Cards on Netflix. There was seriously NO TIME this month.
Finish reading A Clash of Kings. I'm SO CLOSE. This week for sure.
Buy my DSLR. And she's beautiful!!
Find someone to help make the transition to WP self-hosted. I might not be ready to go in that direction...
Start planning Jennifer's baby shower. I've started. Now I have to finish.
Get started on a container garden. Didn't do anything more than think about it.
Get Bruce Wayne's hutch built! More on that tomorrow!!
Edit my novel. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Open up that Roth IRA. I feel like such a grown up!!
Open second savings account. Done!

April Goals
♦ Watch House of Cards on Netflix.
♦ Catch up on Revenge.
♦ Finish A Clash of Kings, dang it!
♦ Read two other (much shorter!) books.
♦ Buy my plane ticket to Europe!!!
♦ Go to the dentist and get an orthodontics referral.
♦ Finish planning a kick-ass baby shower.
♦ Apply for 5 new jobs.
♦ Learn how to use my DSLR.
♦ Seriously. For crying out loud. Edit the damn novel.

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  1. i am just trying to get through my deadlines this week and then i'll think about goals, hehe. i don't even wanna start on the number of unfinished books i have!

  2. We need to catch up with Revenge as well. We started House of Cards last month. But, we keep getting side tracked with Last Man Standing. We are fools for slapstick comedy. ;) hehe

    I would also LOVE to start a container garden. *sigh* Life is just so...crazy right now. Heh. Maybe April will be my shining month to get one started.

  3. I stopped watching Revenge, but I totally need to get on the House of Cards bandwagon. It's on my list as soon as my current shows wrap up for the season.

  4. Hey, thinking IS the start of container can totally cross that one off. ;)

    Is March was awesome AND you got at least 1 goal accomplished? It's a win. On to conquer April!

    1. By the way, you guys know that House of Cards is an American remake of the original British House of Cards, right? If you like one, it stands to reason you'll like the other (although it sounds like a direct plot rip...yet again...damnit, America, stop stealing British shows!)

  5. I really should join you on this and start setting some monthly goals, but I'm thinking that might depress me. I have been slacking on EVERYTHING lately.

  6. You have some awesome goals for April! Plane ticket to Europe!!! Good luck on the job hunt!


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~Clairee Belcher, Steel Magnolias

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