Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Tiny Escape

I was super excited for today's post, because I was going to introduce you to the newest member of my family:

His name is Hare-isson Ford and he's about 9 weeks old. And cute as a button.

He's also looking to change his name to Harry Houdini because it turns out this little guy is an escape artist.

I finally built that hutch I've been prattling about for the past three months. And it's fantastic. Beautiful. Tons of room to run and play.

Except that there's also a gap between the bottom and the ground. A gap I *thought* was too small for him to squeeze through.

Apparently not.

So while I started out super excited to tell you about my tiny bundle of joy, I am, at the moment, a large bundle of nerves because there's nothing I can do about this until after work today. Lame, Very Important Meetings are taking place and I can't miss them.

Positive vibes would be appreciated.

Please and thank you.

UPDATE: The tiny fugitive has been found. He's a little annoyed that his stint at freedom was so brief, but he's safe and sound.
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  1. I hope you find him soon!!! Good vibes! Good vibes!

  2. So glad he was found! And he's ADORABLE!

  3. Awesome name! Glad you came home and found him unharmed.

  4. He is so cute—and I love that name! I haven't had a bunny for years now, but I do love them.

    So glad you found him!

  5. Congrats!! I had a bunny for 8 years and he was a wonderful pet. He also learned all sorts of tricks for escaping his cage... eventually we had to put a tiny key lock on the door. No joke.

  6. I'm glad you found him, he is adorable! Drew would DIE to play with him.

  7. I'm so glad he was found! That had to have been hard to just wait all day with no way to help!!

  8. He is adorable! And I love his name.


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